Ruti / Success Story

We’ve always been told that beauty hurts, that we should give up comfort in the name of style and compromise on sophistication for the sake of what’s in style. That’s where Ruti makes his entrance.

Ruti /American Israel fashion designer is an American company that sells clothing and accessories for women. But they don’t just sell clothes, they also sell their style and ideology about dressing fashionably, comfortably while remaining attractive and eye-catching, and at an affordable price. You can be practical and comfortable dressed without losing your elegance.

Its first store was founded in 2009 and from that moment on it did not stop growing. It currently has ten (10) branches and an e-commerce.

Their website was developed in Magento and they needed to migrate it to Shopify. Thanks to VN Studios this was achieved in record time in only 3 weeks and a relaunch was made. The challenge was not only to migrate their website, but to maintain the links with all the synchronization processes of the online shop with the offline points of sale. The total connection of their systems, Lightspeed and all the retail outlets was successfully completed. In addition, we managed to integrate their distribution and sales chain.

Today VN Studios continues to provide Ruti with continuous support and development for its constant improvement, growth and expansion.

You can access the site from here:

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