Amodil / Success Story

Both women and men are concerned about looking good, smelling good and taking care of their skin, among other things. Fortunately, these practices have evolved for the better.

Amodil is an Argentine company oriented to the area of cosmetics and fragrances for women and men. The company has a system of resellers distributed throughout the country, responsible for taking orders from the final consumer, assemble a general order and redirect it to your direct contact Amodil.  .  

New technologies make it possible to facilitate and optimise processes, even though they currently coexist to a greater or lesser extent with the use of paper. But thanks to the development of a new App carried out by VN Studios, the task of buying and selling products became faster and more efficient.

This application has two objectives for the digitization of the process of buying and selling items:

– The first one, oriented to resellers -who are the company’s sales force-, provides them with a place to access the digital, updated and complete catalogue. Thus, they can browse it, share it and take orders right there by number, article and quantity.

In turn, they receive alerts of new products, events and responsibilities such as closing dates of the calendar, closing orders and validity of the catalogs.

The second objective, of an institutional nature, is aimed at the end consumer so that they can download and access the App as a user, see the catalogue and products, add them to their shopping cart and place their orders online.

The application was in the top 10 of Play Store, the success of the application designed by VN Studios is given by its simple functionality and its great usefulness, speeding up and facilitating both the purchase and sale of products for resellers, as well as the order of products online for the final consumer

You can download the App of Amodil Stop:

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